Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pregnancy Pizza

Since I have been pregnant I have had an extreme craving for jalapenos. I want them on my cheese fries when we go out, on my beans and potatoes, and of course on my pizza. My husband made fun of me this evening when we went to order pizza for dinner tonight and I told them I wanted mushrooms, pineapples, and jalapenos. He said that's just gross... but of course the lady at the pizza place just laughed when I ordered and told her I was pregnant. Of course she understood because she's due at the same time as I am.

Does anyone else crave jalapenos? If not what do you crave during your pregnancy?

My mother-in-law keeps telling me it's going to be a boy because I'm craving the spicey things. That's just an old wives tale but I hope it's right because we're wanting a little boy. I want a little boy who's going to be a mama's boy because my sweet little girl is no longer sweet to me, in fact she'd rather be around her grandma all the time than to be with me. She told me yesterday when I went to her awards ceremony for her class "mom I told you not to come" and was in a bad mood all after that. She was perky and dancing with the class and all before she seen that I was in her classroom. What's a mom to do?


Joy said...

I craved them at the beginning of my pregnancy like mad! Now I don't really have a craving I can pinpoint. Maybe just Taco Bell! LOL!

Amanda said...

The Jalapenos and Mushrooms sound great but with Pineapples?!? You definately are pregnant. It's funny, your due date is two days before Mara's bday and my best friend Delores' baby is due on October 24, 1 day before Mara's bday. Kind of funny!!!!