Friday, May 1, 2009

Boy or Girl you say?

I have never heard of such a thing until the other day. You can now pee in a cup it will tell you whether you are having a boy or a girl... hmmm wonder how well it really works even though they say it's 90% accurate. Knowing my luck I'd always be part of the 10% who it didn't work right for. Of course you have to be at least 10 weeks pregnant for it to tell.

My mother in law first told me about this when her 18 year old grandson's girlfriend (well on and off and we are not sure who's baby it even is) of 16 years of age said she bought this test called ova 90% accurate or something like that from Walgreens and it told her it was a girl. She is only about 12 weeks pregnant and is ditzy and bleach blonde so I of course was like whatever. I said she probably bought an ovulation test (by the name of it) and it came out positive and that's why she thought it was a girl. By the way I am still not totally convinced she is even pregnant anyway because the last time she said she was she never went to the doctor officially and then she ended up saying she wasn't pregnant and that her body was just confused and that is why it thought it was... She has yet to go to the doctor again this time but she claims to already have an ultrasound... ANYWAYS! So I looked on the Walgreens website and sure enough I found a test like it but with a different name.

I'm sure there are tons of people who are willing to pay the 29.99 just to find out ahead of time when they could just wait another month or two. But then again even the ultrasounds are totally accurate and your little boy you expected could come out as girly as can be (damn that umbilical cord for fooling us into thinking it was a winky)! Or sometimes your little one is just so shy anyway that it doesn't want to flaunt it's parts to the world. I think I'll just wait... June 11th is the scheduled ultrasound day to find out. YIPPEE!


Joy said...

I think those tests are under investigation and considered a scam. Glad you didn't waste your money! I know so many people who took it and it was wrong and I've heard many doctors say there's no test approved for determining the gender of your baby with urine.

So I'll stick to sonograms too! I had two girls and was always convinced they were probably boys that were "hiding" so we always got the 3D ultrasounds later. We're going to get one again this time; it's become tradition! So when in doubt you can always get one of those done!

Panda Bare's Gettin' Healthy said...

The first question Eric asked when Mara was born was if she was still a girl. That's Eric for you!!!