Thursday, August 20, 2009

My first finished Quilt!

So I have recently took on a project to make a baby quilt for my little man who will be here in about 2 months. It only took me less than 2 days to do (although I still have to sew the trim around) but here is a pic of what it looks like. I am so happy with the way it turned out and how it pretty much looks like what I had envisioned in my mind. Keep in mind that although I own a sewing machine I'm am still a newby to it. I probably only take it out and turn it on once every couple of years. In fact the last time I used it before this week was to try and make my daughter a quilt before she was born and she's 5 now. Needless to say her quilt never got finished because I ran out of a certain important fabric so I still have it in a bag in case I find any tan demin fabric not being worn so I can finish it one day. We did however buy her some new fabric to make her a new quilt and when I finish all the projects I have in mind I plan to start it (and finish it hopefully too) :)

I have been finding lots of instructions on how to sew your own baby sling and nursing covers which I absolutely want since I will be breastfeeding. It is a necessity that I get a "Hooter Hider" or at least attempt to make my own. I also have a few baby showers coming up and I usually make a tutu for the newborn girls or for girls birthdays to save money plus I love to get personal gifts like that and I'm sure everyone else does too.... (at least I hope they do) but my nephew is having a boy and I'm sure a tutu isn't the right gift for him so I am going to buy some plain onsies and sew a little tie to the front. I have seen them and they are so adorable. I actually found a tutorial which seems pretty easy so we'll see how it turns out. I've also always wanted a trendy decorated wipey case but could never afford it so I thought I would give that ago also since I have tons of fabric left. One for me and one for my nephews little one who will be born a month after my baby Aries.

31 weeks along

So I decided it was time to do more maternity self portraits. I'm 31 weeks now and haven't done any since 22 weeks, not even as much as a snapshot around the house of my belly. With Athena I took a pic about every 2 weeks or so until the last trimester and then every week. Why am I slacking. At least now I can take a little better quality of picture than just a polaroid. When I find them from being scanned to my computer I will show you the pregnancy pics with my daughter over 5 years ago.
I am huge now and feel like I could pop anyday honestly. I don't remember being like this with my first pregnancy.

Here's what I got from my selfs today... at least a few of my favs.

By the way I have changed my name to 918 Studios... it was my hubbys idea and I like it. 918 is our area code so that was kind of different.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Blog Help???

I must be blog illiterate today. I mean it has been awhile since I've posted and edited anything within it. I want to add new blogs to my list of blogs I follow and have them show updates on my page. The only thing I can find is the place that has the ones that are listed already and if you want to remove them. I can always go to each individual blog and copy their address and click add in that same place but I remember a place that shows all of the ones I follow and from there you can click and add... anyone know?

Kookles Nursing Cover GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Kookles Nursing Cover GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!
Visit Grosgrain's blog for this fabulous giveaway if you are expecting or know someone who is.

I always hated putting the dreaded hot blanket over the baby when I was nursing around everyone so this nursing cover excites me since I am expecting in about 2 months.

I sure hope I win!

How do you label old posts?

I can't for the life of me figure out how to label old posts... does anyone know? Or can you even label old posts? I have went back and labeled recently old posts and it wasn't a problem but I was trying to do posts from 6 months or more ago. HELP!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ReInventing Chivalry

So I finally came up with a band name that my hubby and the rest of his band mates like:

ReInventing Chivalry

They really needed a name to start booking shows.... Once they decided they liked it I started to design a couple of logos, let me know what you think.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Baby Shower in the works...

For some reason I didn't want to have the generic premade baby shower invitation that you fill in by hand. I decided to try to make one of my own so I could put a little more info and use the colors I want. Since a lot of the big stuff we've bought for the baby has been an orange oak and my hubby loves OSU so the colors are orange, white and black I decided to go with the orange theme for the invitation and maybe even put his room in those colors.... let me know what you think about my cheezy invitation :)