Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Blog Help???

I must be blog illiterate today. I mean it has been awhile since I've posted and edited anything within it. I want to add new blogs to my list of blogs I follow and have them show updates on my page. The only thing I can find is the place that has the ones that are listed already and if you want to remove them. I can always go to each individual blog and copy their address and click add in that same place but I remember a place that shows all of the ones I follow and from there you can click and add... anyone know?


Joy said...

I always thought I had to do them individually. Blogger saved my lists and then they disappeared. I'm assuming that a virus or a glitch occurred if you aren't seeing yours anymore.

luckeelady said...

well I haven't tried to do it since the blog designer set up my new blog design a few months ago. I know I can do it individually but it takes too long... thanks for all your blog help Joy!