Thursday, August 20, 2009

31 weeks along

So I decided it was time to do more maternity self portraits. I'm 31 weeks now and haven't done any since 22 weeks, not even as much as a snapshot around the house of my belly. With Athena I took a pic about every 2 weeks or so until the last trimester and then every week. Why am I slacking. At least now I can take a little better quality of picture than just a polaroid. When I find them from being scanned to my computer I will show you the pregnancy pics with my daughter over 5 years ago.
I am huge now and feel like I could pop anyday honestly. I don't remember being like this with my first pregnancy.

Here's what I got from my selfs today... at least a few of my favs.

By the way I have changed my name to 918 Studios... it was my hubbys idea and I like it. 918 is our area code so that was kind of different.

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Na-Na the Great said...

i love ur pix & the new name