Saturday, November 28, 2009

Photoshoot cut short

I had a photoshoot for a family today. We didn't quite get finished with it though because she slipped and went to catch herself and sliced her finger open. It was pretty bad so we had to call it quits but did get a few good ones... here are a few.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jen's Fabulous Family

Here are a few from this week. I did a short shoot with just Kruz and his mommy... one of my other Besties Jen. Then today I did a shoot with the whole family and thought I'd show a preview of at least one.

One of my Besties Felisha

I have been slacking on posting things on my blog that have been going on. Here are a few from my photoshoot with one of my besties Felisha this last weekend. I took close to 300 pics that day and am still editing the best from the bunch but here are a few that stuck out to me.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My X-mas Card template

Thanks to CoffeeShop's Blog I learned how to make a brush, save a pattern, and make my own Christmas Card template....

Here is my first ago at it... I made one for a friend of mine with whom I did a family photo shoot this last weekend.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Birth Announcement

i finally finished the birth announcement (one month later) since I finally took some good pics of the baby and his sister. Thanks to Rita at CoffeeShops blog for the tutorial on how to make your own storyboard, this is how I accomplished it.

Little Man- 1 Month Old

Here are the pics I took on the 1st of my kiddos when my little man was exactly one month old.... You can tell his sissy loves him, she is definitely a big help around the help and wants to always change his diaper.

Kiddos on Halloween

Here are my kiddos this Halloween 09'
Athena wore the butterfly costume to school on Friday and a bunny Sat. night, she was so cute she looked like a mini playboy bunny :) My little man was a little dalmatian as you can see.

I'm Back

so sorry that I have been MIA and haven't blogged in over a month.... the new baby keeps me busy. I do get online quite a bit though just not to blog... I have become a facebook addict and find myself farming a lot.... at least until the baby requires my undivided attention :) Here are the first set of pics I took of him at 10 days.