Friday, February 11, 2011

Josie & Piper's Big Debut 2-10-2011

One of my oldest friends Crystal gave birth to her twin girls this morning. I was so happy that I was one of the first to be called after their entrance into the world. The girls were so beautiful, each one looked just like one of their older sisters Riley and Hattie... so this make 4 daughters now and 5 girls in the house including Mommy. Daddy is WAY outnumbered :) These were just a few photos to get them started in their baby book. The nurses came and whisked them away to the nursery to bake for a little while. Just want to say Congrats again Crystal and Blake, and Love you guys!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kelly Moore Bag Giveaway on MCP

Head on over to MCP to try to win one of these awesome camera bags from Kelly Moore.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Great Upcoming Adventure

Our family will soon be taking a trip and not returning to Oklahoma or at least if we do it will only be for a visit. My hubby asked to be transferred to his job's office in North Carolina. He feels he could help them out and at the same time learn a bunch himself. Hopefully it is the best thing for our family and maybe he'll get a promotion one day soon. We're going to wait till June after my daughter Athena gets out of school.
I'm hoping my photography does great too since it will be a fresh start... I mean heck I'll only be a few hours away from the ocean too :) I can't wait!

Busy Bee

Once again I have neglected the blog but I'm trying to get everything in order. 2011 is my year for organization and taking the time to keep everything up as I need to.

On a good note I finally took the plunge and purchased a domain name and website last week. I hopefully will have it up and running this week. I have been hard at work all week trying to finish it up but it is stressful.... Here is a peek of what it is going to look like.

Once it is done my website is going to be so check it out at a later date :)