Friday, May 29, 2009

Mommy Monday

My daughter said the cutest thing this morning in the car. I was talking to her about next Friday and told her that she would be going to our cousins house all day because her grandma who normally watches her will be going out of town. Here's kind of how it went:

Athena: I don't want to go to aunt Cindy's this morning
Me: She'll pick you up from basketball camp and Grandma will be home from the doctor soon after to pick you up
Athena: I want Grandma to take me to basketball camp
Me: (to take her mind off of today) Guess what, you get to go to Jenny's house next Friday
Athena: But I don't have basketball camp next week
Me: I know but Grandma won't be home to watch you, she has to take Grandma Fox to Texas
Athena: I want to go to Texas. I'll run there if you just show me which way to go :)

Silly kids... it's funny how they don't quite have a sense for time or distance yet.

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luckeelady said...

I just want to say I feel like a total idiot. I wrote a post labeled Mommy MONDAY on a Friday. I guess it must of felt like a Monday, who knows, forgive me I'm really not that idiotic and ditzy!