Friday, May 1, 2009

Germs be gone!

When we were at Wal-mart yesterday I made sure to get a bottle of hand sanitizer and a tub of Clorox wipes... I might sound like I'm overreacting but better to be safe than sorry. I took some wipes when I got to work and clean my keyboard, table, light switches and door knob and I went to the workroom/copyroom and did the same, wiped down the doorknob, lightswitches and copier surface and buttons. 30+ people use the copier everyday and knowing my luck one of them would end up with the stupid swine flu. Can I even still call it that? I know they were going to change the name of it because so many people were still thinking you could get it by eating pork and that's not true. In fact Egypt is going out of their way and slaughter every pig in the country... overboard! In fact just doing that makes more people come in contact with the pigs since they are slaughtering them when the pig farmers usually are the only ones in contact with them when they're alive...

Anyways sorry about my rant, I wish it would all go away so I wouldn't have to worry. Pregnant women are that much more at risk for getting it and getting complications. Stay away sick people and don't sneeze or cough on me or else my hormones will start to roar!

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