Sunday, May 10, 2009

Check out my new tattoo

I forgot to mention what I had to do today to make my daughter happy... She is a tattoo junkie, every couple of days she wants us to put a new washable tattoo on. Well she wanted both of us to have one today. I decided to put it on my belly as you can see. That probably wasn't the best idea though because it was all intact as I was sitting but once I stood up I guess my belly skin stretched to accomidate and now it has cracks all through it. The things mommys will do for their kids :)

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Panda Bare's Gettin' Healthy said...

Mara's school had a kid fun day at her school and one of the stations was facepainting/tattoos/and fingernail painting. Well, they had the eighth graders helping out, and Mara told this kid to put the tattoo on her cheek. Thanks kid!!!! They are not exactly easy to get off. But, once we went swimming that night, the chlorine took it right off thankfully.