Monday, April 20, 2009

Twilight Scandal!

So I'm on my way to work this morning and I hear some disturbing news on the radio. I think everyone knows by now that I am a big Twilight fan and to hear what I did make me now only mad but sick. They said that they have put off making NEW MOON because someone is claiming that Stephenie Meyer ripped off their idea from one of the short stories she wrote in college so now they are going to court over it. I guess this Heidi girl who is claiming this was Stephenie's roommate in college. How could she claim something like this. Stephenie is one talented mama and has proved herself far beyond. I think Heidi is just jealous that Stephenie is famous now and she isn't. How could people stoop so low. Does anyone out there really think that Stephenie really ripped her off? Because I don't! I've been searching online for this info and cannot find anything... has anyone else heard this?

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