Friday, April 24, 2009


What have your cravings been with your pregnancies? At this moment in time I want Chinese food constantly although I can only handle it about once a week and my husband will only eat it about once a year or so. I just had to go get Chinese to go from our Lin's Garden in town. I like them the best because they have lemon chicken.... YUMMY! The last time I was pregnant I craved steak (I'm normally not a steak eater), cantaloupe, and Pepsi or any caffeinated beverage (although i tried to resist as much as possible, I had to give in every now and then). I admit I am drinking a Dr. Pepper at the moment but it just sounded so good with my Chinese food :) That reminds me I have a cantaloupe in the fridge that is in need of a good cuttin' so I can eat it!

I just want to say when I searched for pictures of Chinese food this is one of the pictures that came up. Shame on them... who would really do that anyway? Those puppies are so cute. Besides I heard more jokes about it being cats... Get it right if you're going to be offensive!

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Panda Bare's Gettin' Healthy said...

Oh, that's not even funny with those puppies.

My craving was a sonic size chilli cheese fries and two corndogs with a sonic size root beer. Hence, why I gained so much weight at the end of the pregnancy when I sat on my ass all day and ate that kind of crap.