Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Secretaries Day!

I just want to say to all my fellow administrative professionals.... Happy Secretaries Day, well actually it's called Administrative Professionals Day. Same thing, we do the same job right. We're all under paid and bust our butts to make sure everything in the Office or business is under control. We clean up the messes that everyone else makes.

Our Dean of our college at the University took our secretaries out and so did the other Dean. We met at the Marketplace and had a YUMMY lunch! Out of all the 10 people at our table, 8 secretaries and 2 Deans, 8 of them had salads. I of course ordered real food. Chicken tenders, baked potato, and of course a huge side salad came with it. Our Dean order some kind of Chicken sandwich. Me, I'm a meat, bread, and potato kind of gal. I just can't settle for a measley salad. Well I say measley and the plate is about the size of a small tire... no exageration.

Hope everyone had a great day....

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Panda Bare's Gettin' Healthy said...

Well since the baby is stealing every bit of food from you that you consume, it's only practical to eat real food and not rabbit food. I HATE SALAD!!!! Veggies by themselves are good, but salad should not be considered a meal no matter what size it is.

I'm the medium rare steak and baked potato kind of gal myself.