Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Twilight... Oh my Goodness!

Oh my Goodness... I just finished reading Twilight (the first book of the series) and I am hooked. I am not an avid reader at all, in fact I would honestly rather watch TV than read because most of the time I do not comprehend most of what I just read. Sometimes I usually have to read a paragraph more than once to remember what I just read. Or it just makes me plain sleepy, But I was so into Edward and Bella that this wasn't the case this time. It was such an easy read and it always kept me in suspense. I caught myself actually smiling and laughing while I read at times... hoping no one was watching my expressions. I borrowed the first book from my cousin thinking it would take me weeks if not a month or two to actually read since the book is quite large but to my surprise I finished it last night after only 2 days of reading. I told her I would trade it out for the next when I finished but she wasn't around last night for me to do so. Now I am in agony of nothing to read. What am I going to do?

I have even found myself dreaming of vampires... Edward is so sexy... not only from the cover but just his actions and intentions make him that way too.

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