Thursday, December 4, 2008

Recap of the last week!

This is my Awesome Hubby Ronald! We are out at the Coffee Cup in Poteau.

This is my baby girl and we are at the Coffee Cup listening to our buddy Jesse Clark play, you can probably see him in the background.

Athena kept bringing in her toys to take pictures with so I took advantage of her baby and actually pretended it was a "Real" baby... I thought it actually turned out cute, at least the baby wasn't crying :) I only have one light so I was pretty much just playing with lighting to try to avoid shadows. Please don't think I'm cooky!


MeeMzZ said...

your baby looks soo cute!!

luckeelady said...

Thanks it's one of my daughters Lots of Love baby's... it's chubby like a real baby and actually smells good like one too!