Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My first tutu!

I stayed up for a few hours last night hoping my daughter would wake up this morning and be extremely happy when she seen that I had made her a tutu... well to my surprise she didn't like it, or at least she said she didn't like it. I had to make a deal with her to even wear it today to take pictures, I told her if she would wear it, I would let her wear some of Mommy's make-up. Needless to say she took the deal as you can see by the picture and she ended up having fun playing in it too! I had fun making it and I think I did a pretty good job making it considering it was my first tutu. I think I will make another one except the next will be a shorter one with pink, black, and white colors, kind of punk... :) I didn't realize until after I made it that it was OU colors... my hubby is an OSU fan, but that's OK... our school colors are those plus black so she could actually wear it to the ball game maybe with some black tights or something to have school spirit :)

maybe if I practice enough and get great at it I can sell them... maybe it's just wishful thinking too! If anything I can always make them and give them as gifts to my neices and little cousins... that is a special gift and I think they would probably never forget it.

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