Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Sweet Girl

For the last week or so she has been fighting being sick. For the last two days, her cough has been worse than ever, but through the sickness she still wants to take pictures. Today was the warmest day it has been in weeks so we snuck outside for a few quick moments and did a mini shoot of my sweet girl. What is really funny is her outfit is decked out in doggies and the dogs next door kept barking and I got a few shots of her barking at them. It was just kind of ironic to me and the pictures kind of told a story to me especially with the doggy theme :) Hope you like em'


Errant said...

soo cute .. i love'em .. she is very beautiful .. hopefully she'll get well soon ..

luckeelady said...

thanks for the compliment... as for her being sick I had to take her to the doctor Monday and she has Croupe, of course I knew she did, so they loaded her down with meds.... we'll see how long it takes for her to get well.

Heinous said...

The pics are great. I hope she is feeling better.