Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hearth & Home

Scentsy December Scent of the Month: Hearth & Home
Welcome holiday memories with Hearth & Home, a fragrance combining the aromatic spices of the season with sweet Bayberry. Perfect for those cold nights spent indoors. Enjoy this months fragrance at a 10 perSCENT discount! Visit my website here or click the banners above or below.


Samantha said...

Scentsy Rocks!!! LOL

luckeelady said...

Yes it does, I am so glad that you and your mom love it so much that she had to sell it!

Samantha said...

Yeah... Were doing good selling it too. Im glad that you liked my mothers photography skills that your trying to start your own bussiness.. keep up the good work. have a nice day~ =p