Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Re-sale shops

while in Poteau today my daughter and I hit some resale shops in hopes that we would find some funky hats and we hit the jackpot.... She has a fascination for weird hats and since my interest in photography has peaked I thought I would stock up on props. Props to me includes anything from cool chairs, sports equip., anything in the background, etc. I have always loved the old time pictures, so I thought I would start aquiring a bunch of different hats and scarfs to choose from for the kids to play dress up. I remember when my little girl went to a birthday tea party and the lady had all kinds of stuff and I thought that a photoshoot would of been wonderful.... If I could have all of that stuff that would be great. Some of that stuff might even come in handy for a vintage pin up girl photo shoot also as accessories.... look at me already thinking ahead. I wish I actually had someone to do one of those shoots for, I would be so creative.... but anyways.

Athena also picked out a few separate pieces of clothes at the re-sale shop and made a couple of dress-up outfits. She has her own sense of style but it works for her :) I sure do love my baby girl but she is definitely growing up.

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