Thursday, December 18, 2008

Loss of a customer

So I lost an Avon customer today and I wasn't upset, I was kind of relieved. I mean at first I was a little pissed because of all the hell she has put me through and the way it all went down but after that I was glad. I have always gone out of my way for her, like I do all of my customers, and I take her order in advance and when I get it in I sometimes hold it for weeks because she is one of those 1st of the month people and I understand that is the only way I am going to get paid, is to work around their payday. But I start to get really frustrated when I set up times to deliver and they are not home. I have had her order for over a month and she hasn't answered her phone and she finally calls me the other night and wants me to deliver it the next night on my way home (which way last night) I told her it would be between 6 and 6:30 and she said OK, she never told me she was going anywhere. Well when I get there to deliver it she isn't there and I even had to get my daughter out in the cold because we were on our way home from picking her up from grandmas.... that is really what ticked me off because she has been sick.

When she called this afternoon I told her that I came by there and she wasn't home and she said that her family didn't bring her home in time. I told her I had to get my daughter out in the cold last night and she wasn't even there. She told me I should have called first and I said I had just talked to her the night before and made those arrangements and didn't think they would have changed already. I told her as soon as my husband came home from work tonight I would bring it by and she said OK.... Then she calls me back a minute later to tell me that she doesn't need my Avon, that I talked rude to her and she didn't appreciate it, and then she hung up on me. I tried to call her back to explain to her that I have been patient with her and her situation, financially and also when she wants something she expects me to drop what I'm doing and bring it to her. I had to once take her order to her Halloween night right after I got back from trick or treating and I was tired. I was going to explain to her too that I just was uncomfortable with getting my little girl out in the cold. But she hung up on me when I tried to call her back. Who needs customers like these that are almost imposible to satisfy.... I'm a damn good Avon lady and the majority of my customers will tell you that, that is why my myspace name is aWeSoMe AVON LaDy. I'd rather not spend the majority of my time trying to satisfy a customer like this who will never be satisfied and who really puts me in a burden, when I could be freeing my time up to find more customers out there who would appreciate my service and what I do, and how I go far beyond what most Avon Ladies go.

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Danielle Porter Photography said...

WOW,, I don't blame you girl. You shouldn't be treated like that. You should always treat with respect and be treated with respect. This is a business you are running and so always be business like. But good for you for standing your ground.