Sunday, March 22, 2009

When will I feel great again?

I haven't been sick in years aside from the occasional stomach ache and stuffy nose but it usually doesn't go beyond that. Now that I am pregnant it all hits me. I don't ever remember having strep throat EVER in my life but I have it now. My daughter has been sick so I know she gave it to me even though her strep test came by negative last week. I think the nurse just doesn't swab her throat good enough to test.... it has happened twice. I spent about 2 hours today at the walk-in... I guess it was worth it because I really needed antibiotics. It was weird because it just hit me all of a sudden, I woke up Friday with a little sore throat and the start of a cough. When I woke up yesterday I was miserable. My throat burns like the dickens and it hurts all the way down to my chest when I cough. The doctor said my lungs sound good but when I cough sometimes it actually sounds croupy like a kids barking cough.... When will I just feel good? I have been in pain pretty much throughout this whole pregnancy and I am 9 1/2 weeks along. I am having to miss work again tomorrow because I had a fever today and I have to be fever-free and on antibiotics for at least 24 hours before exposing others because I am contagious. I feel bad because I have had to miss a lot of work for all of my frequent OB appointments and because I had to stay home because of the bleeding recently. I hope they don't eventually let me go at work because I have only been there 4 1/2 months so I'm still pretty much on probation since I'm still being evaluated. I really need the secondary insurance so the whole thing will be paid for and this baby won't put us in debt. Either way the baby is worth it but it's better to not have to worry about money... Know what I mean?

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