Monday, March 23, 2009

Suffocating Insomniac...

I'm up tonight and can't sleep because I am soooo miserable. I know no one wants to hear a whinner, so if you're reading this I'm sorry! This is just my place to vent. I honestly think I'm sicker than when I went to the doctor Sunday and I have been on antibiotics for almost 2 days... shouldn't I feel somewhat better? My sinuses are now impacted to the point my face and teeth and jaws hurt. OY! Also both of my ears are hurting like the dickens. I think maybe I need to call my primary care doctor in the morning to see if I can get in... even if it is just to get some ear drops to help sooth my oh so achy ears. Being pregnant I can't take the same things as everyone else when they are sick... seems like I have to just suffer, but I am taking Sudafed PE because Sudafed was on my list of meds I could take during pregnancy but it seems to not be working at all.... I'm also taking Tylenol to help take some of the pain away along with the low grade fever I'm still running but I don't know how that's working as far as the pain. Plus I'm taking the amoxicillin for antibiotics which I have to take for 10 days.

I seriously feel like I'm going to suffocate. When I'm pregnant anyway I always feel panicy if I feel I can't sleep... it's weird so It's magnified by like 10 since I really am stopped up and can't breathe. Maybe that is why I can't breathe. I fell asleep for just a few minutes when I laid down tonight and I woke up choking on my own saliva I guess you could say. That is just freaky.... from then on I couldn't keep from hacking the rest of the night so I just got up so I wouldn't wake up the hubby since he has to work in the morning... I'm supposed to go back tomorrow but I feel worse than yesterday when I had to miss. Looks like I will be missing again. Let's just say that the hot compresses on the face are not working and neither are the cough drops, in fact the drops make it feel worse and brings my attention more on my throat.

These sneezing fits have to go... I counted earlier and I honestly sneezed like 10 times in a row. I couldn't contain myself especially since I got extremely light-headed and felt like I was going to pee on myself. I found myself several times making a dash for the bathroom even though my bladder was pretty empty I didn't want to chance peeing on myself. Why is it that after we have kids are bladders are much weaker than pre-preggo? When I was a kid I laughed at my mom everytime she crossed her legs to sneeze or if she did actually pee on herself during the fact. I guess it is just karma coming back to bite me in the ass. Anyways I had to actually have my mom-in-law take me to the pharmacy this afternoon because I was afraid to drive fearing that I would have some of those sneeze attacks on the road and I would get into an accident. Guess I should get off here and see if there is anything else that will make me extremely drowsy so I can get some sleep tonight, even if it is just for an hour or so. I think I will pick a book up and start reading. Everytime I tried to read for college for an assignment it seems to always do the trick and I would fall asleep in no time and never get read what I needed.

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