Thursday, March 12, 2009


I had an appointment yesterday for the repeat ultrasound and it went great. I was able to see the little one and their heart flutter. Although at first I didn't notice the flutter and they clicked on it to hear the sounds and nothing happen... I immediately gasped and thought about this A-Hole of a driver yesterday who comes into my lane without turning on his blinker with his little truck and small bass boat. Or course I was right next to the boat so it scared the crap out of me. I slammed on my brakes and I probably left some tracks because everything flew towards the front of my car and into the floorboard. I don't think the seat belt tightened on my stomach but I tensed up and for the rest of the day my back and abdomen was sore. I was going to kill him if something happened. Anyways he threw his hands up in the air like it was my fault so when I passed him I flipped him the bird. I normally don't do that but my heart was racing so much I thought I was going to be sick.

They found the heart flutter and heart sounds on the next try and I was relieved. I was actually in and out of there in less than 10 minutes, more like 5 actually and I only had to wait in the waiting room for like 5 minutes too. I think that is the speediest Dr. appt. I have ever had. They looked at the cysts again and the one on the left has grown in only a week or two, about a 1/2 a cenitmeter, I haven't really talked to my doctor about it much since I haven't even had my NEW OB appt. yet but if it continues to grow too big during the pregnancy they are going to have to remove it laproscopically. I'm sure she hopes to hold off until delivery when the C-Section will be done and take it out then but I don't think it will wait. Plus I was hoping to have a VBAC this time. I feel like I missed out on the experience the first time when I had an emergency C-Section with my first. My new OB appt. is on the 17th or March so I will update after that regarding my little one... I should be 8 weeks tomorrow. My how time flies.

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