Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hip-T Giveaway

Hip-T is the answer to a lot of our prayers. check out their website at This product is the best thing that has came out in awhile. I love the layered look but it just gets too bulky and hot. They are giving one lucky winner a Hip-T product in the color of your choice. Here's a little info from their website:

The Problem:
An Unwanted game of thong peek-a-boo!
Bending over at work and showing your boss the green polka-dot
thong you're wearing is definitely not the way to get that promotion
you've been hoping for!
The Plumber's crack
Ladies, let's leave this one to the professionals.
The Dreaded "Muffin Top"
No one wants a muffin top - unless it's blueberry!

The Solution:

How do you win? Visit this blog and from there visit the Hip-T website to see the products. Go back to the blog above and leave a comment as to which color and style you like the most. Read about other ways to get more entries.

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