Friday, March 27, 2009

goodies giveaways...

I have found all of these great blogs that do giveaways... They are giving away amazing things for both mom and baby.... some from shoes to designer diaper bags, to tutus, to $1400 crib bedding sets... I have been in awe at home many great giveaways that I have ran across today and entered. Most of them I have found through Blog of Goodies... I have links to most of them on the side if you want to check them out. I figured since my luck was up in winning the free blog design makeover then I might as well try at other things I really need.

I honestly sold most of the baby stuff I had from my first except most of the clothes I loved because we had a feeling we would have another girl next time. Everyone seems to think it's a boy this time. We really want a boy but we would have to buy ALL new clothes and different color stuff. The only thing I honestly have left is the crib bedding and a cheap swing. I got rid of the crib because it was cheaply made and breaking down, I knew once it went into storage that was it so I sold it at a yardsale to someone who really needed it. I got rid of the stroller/carrier set because the stroller had been left outside and I wouldn't trust it with my next newborn even if I still had the carrier clean and all, it went to some needy mommy to be at a past yardsale too. I gave the cradle back to my sister in law because she was having another, she did give it to me to use afterall. I really wish I had a bassinette this time, but my cousin gave it to her neice who was expecting. We really can't afford to go out and buy all new stuff again. I'm okay with hand me downs but it seems all are already spoken for. :( I even got rid of my changing table because after we got it and used it I noticed it wasn't really made for me, I'm more comfortable with putting the baby head to the left but it was open ended that way.... I know I was picky... when I pick my child up and lay her down, her head is usually always on my left side so that is the way I naturally want to lay them down... I actually get a little frustrated when people hand a baby to me the other way because I am just not comfortable with that arm, and I don't want to toss the baby around from side to side just because I'm not comfy.

A few months ago I ran into a website forum called FreeCycle and people from your area post things they want to just giveaway instead of taking to the dump because they don't need these things anymore and have no place to house them most of the time. I have seen several things I may need but I'm just never the first to reply.... poor poor pitiful me :( I was able to give to a pregnant girl once... she needed some larger maternity shirts and I just happened to have a few that I didn't need at the time and I was hoping to never get that big again... (wishful thinking on my behalf) she gratefully sent a couple smaller maternity clothes my way that she knew she could never fit in because I had mentioned that we were trying to have another.... Has anyone else ever donated or received things through the FreeCycle Network.???

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