Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sleepy girl...

So I finally cleaned most of the boxes out of my extra room last. We pretty much use it as storage. Now I can walk around in it and actually do stuff. My husband makes fun of me all of the time for how messy it is but everytime I get an Avon or Scentsy order in and I leave a box around the house or a shipment comes in, he just throws it in the room.... that does not help the clutter and in fact just adds to it and makes me not want to go in there at all!

Anyways... I thought I would play around with my camera last night after cleaning up and made a cheap looking studio out of old sheets. Athena was excited about taking pictures but was so sleepy since it was so close to bedtime, so in most of the pictures she just laid there with her hands behind her head.

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