Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Just when I think I've got too much on my plate and I cannot do anymore, I get back into Leadership. Don't get me wrong I love to help others become successful too, thus making me successful in the process :) it is just time consuming. I'm actually excited about getting back into it though, and have been meaning to do it for awhile, just wish I had more time in the day to go prospecting for people to sign up.

Here is a little bit about what has been going on with me this week!

As some of you already know I sell AVON, and my District Sales Manager expects us to go to regular meetings. I try to attend all of the sales meetings, but there are also Monday leadership meetings at Sweet Bay, which used to be quite a bit out of my way since it was in Fort Smith and I live in Oklahoma and they only last 30 minutes to an hour but now that I work at the University I can take a later lunch and go. I may start going regularly again. Anyways while I was there AT the leadership meeting one of my good friends whom I had signed up once before left me a message saying she wanted to sign up again... I WISH MORE PEOPLE WHO WANTED TO SELL AVON WOULD JUST FALL INTO MY LAP LIKE THIS :) If you want to check out my Avon website go to http://www.youravon.com/wclaborn

I also sell Scentsy Wickless Candles. They are my LOVE and PASSION. My website is http://www.scentsy.com/2546 Also my new friend Danielle Porter has also decided to sell Scentsy... She signed up this weekend and I don't think she has unveiled it yet on her blog but it is wonderful. She had got some Scentsy products from me and LOVED them so much that in itself speaks for itself that she had to sign up. She posted a link to my website once and said how awesome they were... but if you want to check out her blog http://dporterphotography.blogspot.com/

If anyone is interested in signing up to sell Scentsy visit my website at http://www.scentsy.com/2546 and click start a business at the top or go to this link and make sure it says wendy claborn-certified consultant at the top https://www.scentsy.com//forms/frm_enrollment_options.aspx?

If anyone is interested in signing up to sell AVON contact me via email at luckeelady@pinncom.com I currently cannot sign people up online, I can only sign people up locally so if you live close by call or email me.

I really want to help others be successful.... Now's the time to make extra money for X-mas or earn FREE products for the Holidays....

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