Thursday, November 20, 2008


So my hubby thinks that Wendiful Moments is kinda cheesy... it might be, but it's part of my name in the title and part of wonderful... I thought it was catchy... and original. I guess he doesn't get that, anyways I'm not sure what everyone else besides him thinks... please be honest. I have posted a poll on my page with some names one of which is just my full name, and the other is All About Me, I always said if I had a variety store and owned my own biz I would call it that... my husband thinks I make everything about me anyway, when I take photos I could make it all about them.... If you have any other suggestions to play upon those names or new ones that you decided not to use throw them my way PLEASE!

I have a friend who wants to make me a watermark for my photos and until I know what I want to be called it's kind of pointless for her to make it....

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Danielle Porter Photography said...

How about (all about you Photography),,, If your hubby doesn't want it about you. LOL