Sunday, November 16, 2008

Beautiful Day today!

It has been so cold lately that when I walk outside to take the dog out I realized it was such a beautiful day and not freezing at all. So me and my baby girl Athena took a stroll outside and took a couple of shots. It was definitely windy though. I'm supposed to go to my friend Devin's after a bit today and take pics of her kids and maybe get some of the whole family. We'll see how that goes. I usually only do individual shots, it's easier.

As you may have noticed I put a little logo called Wendiful Moments.... I'm not really taking pictures for money yet but I would love to be... just doing it for practice and my friends and family are loving the generousity. My friend Felisha came up with the name just playing around one day except she called it Wendiful Studios... I personally liked Moments better since I don't have a studio. Let me know how corny you think it sounds...

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