Saturday, November 1, 2008

Devin & Mathew...

I asked my friend Devin if she would let me take pictures of her 3 kids as practice for me to get used to taking pictures again. I havn't picked up my camera in ages and even then I wasn't very good, I just enjoyed it. I really would like to get into and maybe one day make money at it. Anyways... as you can see it is just her youngest in the pictures, all of her other kids had something to do.
This little guy was quiet as can be and wouldn't say a word, but his eyes and facial expressions sure told a different story. These are only a few of MANY but let me tell you he is a ham and loves the camera.

Devin is also one of my bestest friends... actually my longest one running out here in Oklahoma. She was the first to approach me in high school when I moved out here from California, and we have been close since, and I have even seen all 3 of her kids born if that tells you anything and been her maid of honor. Thanks Devin for letting me use Mattie and for letting me take pictures of you too! Luv ya!

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