Friday, July 3, 2009

What's been going on...

So I actually got a little sleep last night. I did however go to bed while still light outside at 8:30. I was trying to prove a theory of mine that I could sleep easier with more light. I fell right asleep but found myself waking up around 10 when it was dark and had a sudden feeling of not being tired. After that of course I went and sat in my nightly recliner. It was hard to go back to sleep but once I turned on TV I didn't have much of a problem even though I didn't watch it at all.... What's the deal. Am I nocturnal or something now? I usually have to watch TV or get online to totally exhaust me so I can go to sleep. It sure doesn't help that I'm congested at night time and feel like I can't breathe.... anyways I am just glad to finally sleep more than 2 hours total during the night.

As some may know yesterday was my last day at the University. I gave my notice several weeks ago because my daughter needed me to stay home with her again. Frankly I was ready to be a stay at home mom again. Plus we will be having our second child in a few months... Athena be 5 in 2 weeks from today. We have yet to plan a birthday party because things have been hectic and we're kind of broke. I think we've decided to buy her a nice set of kids drums though... she is very musical and has been wanting drums for months. She actually has natural time which is crazy. Are we kidding ourselves though buying her the drums she wants and we'll be regretting it later?

The both of us are about to get around and get dressed to go to a yard sale in town from a friend of mine. Baby Boy clothes here I come. Honestly I'm not too good for used clothes. I love it when friends give me outgrown clothes of their kids. I of course pick through the yard sale clothes and for the most part don't get completely stained up clothes. I do know from experience that babies get dirty no matter how hard you try to keep them clean. I have about 2 tubs of girl clothes that I need to go through for myself to sell at the yard sale. Even though they tell me it's a boy I'm still hesitant about getting rid of all girl stuff. I definitely had enough to spare some though. I always had my favorite stuff Athena wore that I will probably keep and let her use for her dolls.

Anyways so for the long update, it's been awhile. I still have more to post later about my insurance meltdown...

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