Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The GTT sucked!

So I was there at the lab first thing in the morning yesterday to do my Glucose Tolerance Test. I didn't want to go any longer fasting than I had to so I was there when they opened. I had to start off with a fasting blood draw and then I had to drink the awful sugary stuff (this time twice as sweet as the first time) and had to do subsequent blood draws for the next 3 hours. I made it through the experience without vomiting which is good because if I had during the test it would of been invalid and I would of had to do it again another day. I felt a little weird in the head at times but never to bad... that is until....

I actually go to lunch directly afterwards and within the first few sips of soup my body starts to go into some type of shock or something. I immediately started sweating, shaking so hard that I can't even hold my spoon and just queezy and hot as hell. My friend kept trying to convince me it wasn't hot in there and I looked like I was going to spew... Never did I get sick but it took me the whole meal to feel half way normal again. I had to stop at my hubby's work to relax and assure myself it was OK to drive home with my daughter.

Needless to say we made it home OK but I still have yet to know my results from the test yesterday. Hopefully I will know something early tomorrow. I am super anxious and worried still.


Joy said...

Oh you poor thing! I had to do a 3-hour GTT when I found out I had PCOS. I felt the same as you. I brought a PB&J with me to eat before I drove away. I felt shaky too. Means your blood sugar has dropped and you need to eat!

luckeelady said...

I didn't get all sweaty or shaky until I actually started eating... that is what was weird. I knew my sugar was probably dropping, but to get like that after I started to eat, I guess I put my tummy in shock