Thursday, January 29, 2009

Valentines Portraits

So I have always been ashamed of my body and being naked. I never really got "naked" during the shoot but dang near close to it. Believe it or not I am actually more comfortable with my body because of the shoot and I'm really not ashamed to show these pictures to anyone. I really don't think they show much but a little skin. Don't get me wrong, I would really love to lose about 20 more lbs. but actually seeing the pictures of me now I just don't feel "FAT" anymore. That was my worst fear about doing these kind of portraits was how I seen myself and I thought I would look like a whale. I recommend any woman do these for THEMSELVES because believe me, by the time your done, it makes you feel beautiful, and of course your hubby will love it.

The only concern my mother-in-law had with me posting these pictures is she said I would develop a stalker... I was like Whatever! My hubby said he would stalk me :)


Panda Bare's Gettin' Healthy said...

After you posted the first set of pictures, I decided to look online to see if we had any photographers in the Topeka area who did these kind of photo's, and we do. I was kind of figuring that when I lose some more weight, say give me like six months to a year, then maybe I will get pictures done of myself for my husband. There is this one photographer in the area, probably the most prominant one, and his family also happens to be my sponser family at Mara's school, takes these kind of photo's, and he even has an editor who will edit say like your stretch marks out of the photo, etc. The only thing is, is I'm not sure if I would be comfortable doing these kind of photo's done by a man, and one to which I have been to his families house.

Anyway, I'll put the link of his website (the adult site and his regular site) so you can check his out, and maybe you can get ideas for future pictures. He really is the best in the area.

His regular site is:

and the site for his adult pictures is:

Talk to you later!!!

naomi said...

u look awesome