Saturday, January 10, 2009

I feel Lucky...


DAY 10

So I missed posting my day 9 picture of my 365 project yesterday due to I was gone with my Grandma and Mother in Law at Bingo and the Casino. I have to say that I really didn't even have the $20 to go but I scraped together the money from what was left in my pathedic purse and went anyway because I just had a feeling. During the night at Bingo my mother in law did bingo but had to split with another lady and only won about $30 to split between us 3 so it really didn't get us very far. It was the very last cover all that was worth $1000 that I finally did Bingo and I was overly excited and shouted to early. I felt the stares and knew everyone was pissed at me. We left there with over $300 a piece so we deceided to take about $100 each to the casino down the road and right before we were about to go home I hit a machine for $900.... YIPPEE! I had won and took home enough to pay our 6 month car insurance next week. No worries for my hubby anymore. Now I have an alabi why I didn't post my picture.

Here's the story on the DAY 9 pic. I stopped by BEST BUY on my way home and decided to take a pic and edited it in photo shop to say Best butt and of course it's my hubbys... who elses would it be?

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