Saturday, January 10, 2009

To Be or Not To Be CIVIC?

So what exactly is our civic duty? What should we be obligated to do or feel like we should do when it comes to someone breaking to law? I mean when I feel like when my life or someone elses life may be in danger I feel like I need to intervene in someway, don't you agree?

This reminds me of an incident a few years ago when I worked 2nd shift and I was driving home and there were only 2 cars on the road, me and this other SUV who was swurving so bad I couldn't even pass him if I wanted. He would swurve off the road to the right, and then in front of me into my lane. He was going so slow I didn't know if he was falling asleep from being drunk or if he seriously had a medical condition and was almost in a diabetic coma or something, but either way I needed to do something because he was going to kill himself. So I called the local police that we were coming into the town, (luckily I knew the #)

So this brings me to yesterdays incidence. First off I was driving and there is not a car behind me in sight and next thing I knew this black truck is right on my ass. Where the hell did he come from. And I'm not a granny driver either, I speed a little on a reg. basis. Then I was in a 65 zone that was dropping to 50 because of construction and had cones for merging and this black truck just tries to pass me and two other cars including a dump truck almost knocking out the cones. He, I should say she because the tag said BAYBGRL had to been doing 80+ The whole way to my desination she was weaving in and out of traffic like it was going to get her there faster. There was a line of cars and it didn't matter. It probably made it worse. I was sooo tempted to call her in when the passing/cone incident happened and we were still in Oklahoma because I knew the number but once we got into Arkansas I knew it wouldn't matter.

You know a little road rage is fine, you actually have to be a little offensive and defensive on the road these days or else you will never make it. I have my fair share of road rage but if you're going to drive like that LEAVE A LITTLE EARLIER! If I see this person again and this happens again don't think I won't hesitate :) Has anyone else ever felt the need to call on someone in a situation like this?

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