Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Maternity Self Portraits

Earl Grey Tea coloring (ONE OF MY FAV shots)

Soft Dewberry Glaze coloring

Soft Strawberry Glaze coloring

Regular adjustments but I love how I accidently cut off my head :)

Regular adjustments but it accidently didn't focus completely but I like it!

Me and my girl with the Orton effect action

Here are some of my favorite self portraits I took today... I've been needing some maternity pics other than just snapshots. Let me know what you think. I just want to thank CoffeeShop's blog for some of the actions that I used.


Miss Anne said...

your belly is beautiful!
how exciting!

love these shots!

Joy said...

My favorite is the one where you did accidentally cut your head out of the picture.

Amber said...

I ditto what Joy said!

Amber said...

oh and drop me a note when you have the babe! I will send you some leggies for him/her

luckeelady said...

Thanks miss amber... you are so great. It won't be until October so we got awhile :)

Lerin said...

You are ROCKING that bump! :)

Catherine said...

Gorgeous shots! And I am in AWE of your ability to get amazing self-portraits. So beautiful!