Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's a.....

So we had our Ultrasound today and we finally found out what we are having. I just want to say EVERYONE thought it was going to be a boy, including the chinese gender calendars except for my little girl. She always said it was a baby girl/baby sister. Well take a look at the pictures for yourself and tell me what you think..

IT'S A BOY! Immediately after she put the thing on my belly the first picture to pop up was of his legs spread. Usually that is the shot that is the hardest to get. He was however stubborn when it came to showing his face. The tech kept trying to look at his umbilical insertion but he was laying face down on his tummy so it made it very difficult and he would not move for anything. I think he's already being lazy and sleeping all the time. I still think my 4 year-old-daughter is still in denial. She won't admit it's a boy and still calls it her baby sister.

We already have a name picked out and it's super unique. I just want to explain the reasoning first. You see my daughter's name is Athena and it is from greek mythology. Well in mythology her brother's name is Ares pronounced like Aries the sign. I thought it was only appropriate to name him that because of the "A" name of course and the connection from the two. So his name will be Aries Orion Claborn. I love it and think it's creative. If it was going to be a girl we finally decided on Sophie but I'll name get to name a girl that because it's a boy and we are done having kids after this.


cybeel said...

it's a miracle isn't it? I'm not a mother but when i first saw my BFF's ultrasound pic i started to cry!!!! after we hugged each other. Was a magical moment
Congrats again :)

luckeelady said...

Not quite sure what happened with the pictures when I posted them but they came out screwed up looking. At least you can see what it's showing. I was posting them late last night and I was tired and falling asleep.

Yeah it really is great, I was there pretty much the whole time with my friends pregnancy and it was emotional for me too.

Joy said...

I looked at the sonogram picture first and totally saw that it was a BOY before I continued reading! You can definitely tell!!!


Lerin said...

Congrats! My oldest daughter is called Sophie. :)

Amber said...

I love the name Aries.
I knew a guy names that in high school- even though he was a skin head! LOL

I was almost gonna name my son Arrie (it was pronounced like the letter R-ey.)


J.C. said...

Congrats! I stumbled upon your blog by looking up "Pizza and mushrooms" LOL. It so happens I was craving some odd things on my pizza (not quite Pineapple, though!) Anyway I too crave Jalepeno's but my in utero lil' opinionated one is not too keen on them and kicks the heat back up to me. I thought for the longest time in just the way I was carrying I was to have a boy but to my surprise my ultrasound showed a little girl! ( I have a 14 year old daughter...yes, I took some time with the second.) We have chosen Sofia as her name : ) We are due Oct. 27th. She is already showing her scorp traits with her thump-like demands in my sleeping position at night. : ) My best to you!!!