Monday, June 8, 2009

I feel blessed

I did it.... I finally ordered my seamless paper last night. I went with the 107" x 12 yards. I ordered super white, super black, and focus gray. I thought I would go with the basic colors for now and see how it worked and maybe later order a pink and blue and some brighter vibrant colors. I should get it delivered next Monday which is also my wedding anniversary. We have been married for 7 years now and it's still great. We are expecting our 2nd baby this year and in fact will find out what it is Thursday of this week. Monday is really a good day I guess because my husband is starting his new job within his company. Although he won't be getting a raise because the company is on a hiring freeze and also a freeze for any raises until the first of the year, this is a promotion and great opportunity. He will be a part of the core team which he says is like the Navy Seals of his company. They have access to everything and when people hear you're on the core team they are impressed. They told him today that he needed to get a passport because he may have to go out of the country sometime to other parts of the company worldwide... I'm so proud of him and hope that when he can get a raise it will be a big one because some say to request at least $60,000/year which is like almost doubling his salary now. I would love to stay home and do photography all day as my dream career.

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