Monday, June 8, 2009

June Scentsy Promotion


Scentsy Warmer June 

Create your own fourth of July fireworks with Liberty, Scentsy's newest warmer. A star-spangled tribute to American folk art, Liberty's distressed tin star appliques are surrounded by a field of star-shaped vent holes that shine when the base is lit, highlighting the dimentional metal accents.

Liberty's hand-painted base features a dark denim blue top sponged over a lighter blue base coat. It's red-and-white striped lid with hand-painted "stitches" completes the American flag theme.

A unique blend of tropical coconut and musky patchouli with subtle green bottom notes, Coconut Palm will take you back to the beach on a hot summer after noon.

Enjoy this month’s fragrance at a 10% discount! See prices below.
Car Candle CC - CCP $2.70
Room Spray RS - CCP $7.20
Scentsy Bar SB - CCP $4.50
Scentsy Brick SK - CCP $18.00

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