Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wipey Cases

So I've been feeling pretty crafty lately. I finished my first quilt a few weeks ago and was very proud of it. I thought I would venture out to other things. I made my little one an OSU wipey case and made another wipey case in Sports fabric. For my first attempt I thought they turned out alright. I plan on making another one for a girl and plan on giving them as a shower gift along with onsies that I will personalize. Once I get the onsies done I will post pics of them too. Since I am so close to delivering within the next month my next projects are going to be nursing covers for when I breastfeed and a baby sling to keep the baby close without having to hold him. Since I'm trying to be super frugal and the good nursing pads are so expensive (disposable ones suck) I have already been making some of my own out of old receiving blankets. I found a website that tells how to do it, although the site I went by said to use a CD as a guide and they came out super big. I mean they swallowed my nipples and whole breast. I will downsize the next time I attempt it. Here is the site for the nursing pads.

I will post the other links once I have completed my projects.

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