Friday, October 2, 2009

He's Here!

Well the week started out really crappy.... I went to pick my daughter up from school and was stopped at a stop sign and this woman is turning onto the road where I'm stopped and he truck dies losing all brakes and steering. Needless to say she smacked into the front of my car. I wasn't injured but it shook me up for a few hours. That same night and next day I developed an extremely itchy rash that the doctor thought might be related to the accident and caused by nerves. To be on the safe side she wanted me to come in today and do lab to rule out anything bad. When I got to my appt. this morning my BP was high 148/102 and she just decided that it was time to deliver the baby and said they were waiting for me already in Labor and Delivery and I needed to go straight up there. I called my hubby at work and had him meet me there.... wouldn't you know the one time I told my hubby I'd be OK to go by myself and told him to stay for his all day meetings today, it would be time!

The C-section turned out great and I kept my calm the whole time and didn't panic, in fact I was more anxious and excited that we finally get to see my lil boy we've been awaiting so very long for. He ended up being 5lbs. 12oz. and 18 inches. He is the most perfect baby I'd ever seen, along with my daughter. I hate to brag but we make beautiful babies. He sure does have a set of lungs... he came out crying and screaming. His apgar scores were great: 9 and 9. Here are a few pics from today. I will definitely be posting more once we get home and I can take some of than just random snapshots.


Joy said...

Oh my gosh!!! He's adorable! I'm so sorry about the accident but so relieved to hear you're all doing well.

Na said...

yes u do make beautiful babies.i was thinkin the same thing bout my own.LOL.i'm so glad everything turned out great.